Ankle Braces

Choosing the Right Ankle Brace

More than a sports brace, our range of ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis Ankle Braces provide medical grade ankle support. All ASO Ankle Braces feature Figure-8 ankle stabilising straps to lock the heel, and Coolflex inner boot for maximum comfort during sport and daily wear.

ASO Original Stabilizer (with Stays) is well established as first choice Ankle Brace for lateral stability. Available in Black or White, it is the choice for ballers who require variable support. Removable Stays offer versatility: empowering the wearer to choose to have the Stays in or out, dependent on their stage of rehab and recovery.

ASO EVO Stabilizer features a Dynamic Cuff to provide intimate support. Ideal for the ballers who want moderate to maximum stability of ASO, but finds the removable Stays too bulky. ASO EVO is recommended for ballers who are prone to rolling their ankle, who want a long term solution, and value comfort and a durable brace.

Why bother taping your ankles up every game, choose the best and insure your ankles with an ASO brace today!

Ray Allen ASO Ankle brace