How to choose the right basketball?

How to choose the right basketball?

Posted by The Basketball Professor on 4th May 2020

Which type of basketball is right for me?

To choose the right basketball to meet your needs you will need to firstly determine whether you will be using the ball for strictly for indoor use, a combination of indoor and occasional outdoor or purely outdoor usage.

Obviously the top of the range basketballs are the full genuine leather balls that offers the highest level of quality, grip, comfort and suppleness. These are your Spalding NBA Official Game ball, Molten’s GL, GLX and BG5000 basketballs. The trade off here is the price. These types of balls will fetch you close to the $200 mark and will take a lot longer to wear in.

Moving down from this, if you are after something that is for indoor use (whether it be for social competitions or indoor shoot around) you will be looking at the composite or synthetic leather basketballs. Examples of these are your Spalding TF1000, TF750, Spalding Hexagrip Neverflat, Molten BG4500, BG4000, GFX series, GMX series. These are ready for play straight out of the box without the need to wear in.

There is also recently been a new range of balls that are for those ballers who want to have to the one ball that is suitable to both indoor and outdoor use. These are not as delicate as the full indoor balls but offers more durability that the fore mentioned balls and thus will be able to withstand the harsh nature of outdoor play (not to mention they have unique designs that set them apart from the typical tan coloured ball). Examples of these are your Spalding, NBA Indoor/Outdoor ball, TF500, TF250 Snakeskin, NBA Super Flite, NBA Logoman, Wilson Cross Grip XG, Molten BG3200, BG3000, GNX 365 and GO series basketballs.

Lastly we have the rubber outdoor basketballs. These are durable and can handle the harshest outdoor weather all year round. Most of the higher end rubber basketballs offer deep pebble technology to ensure it offers superior grip and helps manage dust. These balls are great for beginners or ballers that will be playing pick up on the streets. Examples include Spalding Extreme Soft Grip Tech, Fluro Pink, TF-FLEX, TF-33, NBA Outdoor game ball, NBA Player balls, NBA Team balls, Molten GRD,

A sub-branch of outdoor balls is the new 3x3 basketballs. This new style of basketball competition will be introduced for the first time in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Main difference here is the balls are official weight but a smaller size. This not only helps speed up the game but offers high levels of agility and “show” to the game. Examples of these are Wilson 3x3 Hustle and FIBA 3x3 basketballs.

If you’re still not sure which ball is best suited for your needs feel free to drop us a message and we’d be more than happy to help.