Which basketball knee brace should I get?

Which basketball knee brace should I get?

Posted by The basketball professor on 8th Jul 2020

This is a common question that gets asked all the time and the answer will differ for each person. Whether you want to prevent injury or you have just come out of an ACL reconstruction McDavid will have the right brace for you.

Unfortunately basketball is just one of those sports that is plagued with potential knee injuries just waiting to happen. 

McDavid has made it relatively easy for buyers to choose what brace they require. They have developed a simple "Stage 1-2-3+" level of protection on all their knee braces. Obviously the higher up you go the more level of protection the brace provides.

If you refer to the table below you will find a brief outline of each level and what would best suit you.

Please Note: This product is not a substitute for medical care. Always consult a medical professional about proper treatment for sports related injury or pain